Can You Name 10 Things That are Tops About Texas? High on Life Gave it a Good Go!

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With the caption starting out by saying, “Texas is hands down one of the funnest states in all of America…”, aside from the grammatical error, we would tend to completely agree with the description leading up to the video entitled “Top 10 Things to DO in TEXAS!” The video was posted by High On Life’s YouTube channel and has been watched by more than 300,000 people since its upload.

At just over 11 minutes, the video explains exactly why the Lone Star State is as fun as it’s touted to be, including great food, knowing how to have a good time, and being some of the most hospitable folks in the world. Featuring places in the Texas Hill Country such as 6th Street in Austin, doing some horseback riding and trying to “live like a cowboy” in Bandera, Texas barbecue in Austin, and Pace Bend Park in Spicewood, the guys from High On Life go on to explain their experiences having fun in Texas, counting from 10 up to number one, which although surprising, makes perfect sense!

If you haven’t watched all the way through to the end, we won’t do a spoiler for you. We’ll simply leave it at saying that the rationale for the top spot in this “Top 10 Things to DO in TEXAS!” video can’t be argued. There’s a true reason why it’s number one and we definitely agree! Other than that, this video was nicely done, showing some of the great escapes, pastimes, and of course, the food Texans love. Although their pronunciation of Whataburger took a little practice, these men apologized profusely while acknowledging the legend that it is. The live-action sequences, aerial footage, and all-around great Texas exposure mean this video gets two thumbs up from the Texas Hill Country. Enjoy!