Artist Nancy Yarbrough’s Fused Glass & Watercolor World

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Originally published in Heart of Texas Magazine

Born in Oklahoma City, this Texas Hill Country artist now calls Boerne home. Boerne is 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, and for any non-Texans out there, it’s pronounced Burney. Due to the captivating countryside, the Boerne area attracts a treasure trove of unique artists, and Nancy Yarbrough is one of them.  Nancy says, “The beauty of God’s creation is a constant source of inspiration for my work.”

Nancy’s art is exceptional. She paints fused glass. Literally, she paints with glass. She buys glass in sheet form and also purchases it in a ground-up form called frits. Frits are tiny pieces of glass. Imagine ground glass being applied to glass, and you’ll have a general idea of how Nancy produces her art. Nancy carefully applies the minuscule frits to a sheet of glass and then fires the work-in-progress in a kiln. Depending on what Nancy has in mind for the finished product, kiln temperatures range between 1250-1500 degrees. Nancy works in layers, building one glass layer at a time. Each layer goes into the kiln, and some pieces may have as many as eight layers. Additional layers make the piece appear more three dimensional. With heat, the particles of glass melt together to form a solid sculpture.

Artist Nancy Yarbrough's Fused Glass & Watercolor World

Photo: Yarbrough Fused Glass Poppies

Stained glass was her first medium, and then Yarborough entered the world of watercolor. From watercolor, she migrated to fused glass. In the Carriage House Gallery of Artists in Boerne, you’ll find her fused glass sculptures and watercolors.

Yarbrough has two studios in her home: a small painting studio for watercolor and a larger one for glass. Her home is not open to the public; however, by appointment, she can make arrangements for someone to watch as she works. Now and then, she’ll host a girl’s get-together and let everyone play with glass. Imagine the fun that would be!

Artist Nancy Yarbrough's Fused Glass & Watercolor World
Photo: Nancy Yarbrough photo by E. Castle Photography& Fine Art

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