Nascar-aoke Good Clean Parody Airband Fun

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In a riveting (perhaps that’s a little strong) parody to James Corden’s “carpool karaoke,” these NASCAR drivers pulled no punches, giving their version of the popular clip a good go at full bore. With all the right air-band tools, these guys are set to go down in history as the first (and perhaps last) Nascar-aoke! We’re not entirely sure it will be a hit, but racing and music fans alike appear to be tuning in.

Customarily doing incessant left turns at break-neck speeds, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Matt Kenseth let their driver (dressed as Elvis) take the wheel and take them through a series of good karaoke tunes they don’t take a back seat to! Singing at the top of their lungs (at times, in pitches that would make dogs wince), their good-humored fun makes it a ride to remember. The playlist includes a majority of upbeat music, with a little bit of a tear-jerker mixed in, but all-in-all you’ll laugh at the fun, groan at the attempt, and wish you had been in the car right along with them!

Posted on Facebook by Joe Gibbs Racing, this pec-bouncing, Eagles-singing group knows how to have a good time! But like all good times, it must come to an end, and theirs very nearly ends badly when the police take matters into their own hands. So long Nascar-aoke…it was good (debatable?) while it lasted!