Will There be a National Bacon Shortage This Year?

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NBC calls it a possible “aporkalypse,” but for bacon fans, this is no time for puns. KXAN says that the price of pork has already increased by 20 percent this January due to a shortage of the meat. They write that the inventory from 2016 was down “35.6 million pounds from 2015 levels.” In fact, supply of frozen pork belly has not been this low since 1957.

Should bacon lovers start panicking about their favorite flavorful treat? Rich Deaton, the President of the Ohio Pork Council, doesn’t think people should worry about empty plates and frying pans. He told the news, “Rest assured. The pork industry will not run out of supply. Ohio farmers will continue to work hard to ensure consumers receive the products they crave.”

People who love this breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack food are still concerned since bacon has become a big part of pop culture as a unifying love for all meat eaters. In fact, #baconshortage2017 was already trending on social media as soon as news reports writing about the possible shortage were released. As writes, “Between the meat-rich Paleo Diet fad and a cult-like fascination with the meat, its hard to escape the strips’ crunchy, sizzling charm.”