Cheers to Celebrating National Drink Wine Day With a Texas Hill Country Wine

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Recognized as National Drink Wine Day in America, for those who choose to toast this epic occasion, this February 18 will be a day of enjoying (perhaps imbibing?) their favorite wine. And what better way to celebrate it than with a glass of the other liquid gold found in Texas? That’s right, the Lone Star State has some well-recognized American Viticultural Areas that produce sweetness, dryness, and kindness by the glass, including the second largest in the United States, which is the Texas Hill Country.

A Toast to Good Health

Cheers to Celebrating National Drink Wine Day With a Texas Hill Country Wine

Photo: Flickr/Matt Biddulph

It has been said that a glass of wine per day can keep the cardiologist away, which may be just one more great reason National Drink Wine Day exists. But do we really need a reason to enrich our lives with a gorgeous glass of our favorite Texas Hill Country reserve? We think not, but let’s toast to it anyway! Dionysus, the god of merrymaking, wine, ecstasy, and theatre according to Greek lore, would be pleased to see people celebrate a day in one of his charges’ honor (although we doubt there will ever be a National Day of Ecstasy, we’re sure at least one out of four isn’t bad!) And whatever the Texas Hill Country vintage you sip ensure you share it. Spread the love of great wine!

A Toast Simply Because There’s a Day to Celebrate!

Cheers to Celebrating National Drink Wine Day With a Texas Hill Country Wine

Photo: Pixabay

Wine has played a very important role throughout history and relationships. The positive benefits of developing a love and appreciation for it are the new friends you may make through similar tastes, a reduced risk of heart disease, and the excellent pairing it makes with great food. Conveniently, February 18 is also National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day…hint, hint. Pair it with a fresh, fruity white wine and kill two birds with one stone! While you’re at it, consider visiting a Texas winery (we particularly like the ones in the Hill Country, but no pressure…) or attend a coordinated wine tasting. Whatever you do to celebrate National Drink Wine Day, always drink responsibly, perhaps try a new wine, and definitely post your experiences on social media using #NationalDrinkWineDay – we’re sure you won’t regret it!


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