San Antonians Not Impressed with National Geographic’s Description of Barbacoa

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“Would you dare to eat tacos made from a roasted cow head?” National Geographic Travel captioned a 30-second video on their Facebook. The video shows a chef at Taqueria El Trailero in Mexico pulling meat from a cow’s head and serving it to customers with other delicious ingredients on a corn tortilla. The tone of the question created from using the word “dare,” as if the meat is unsavory, had many San Antonians rolling their eyes. They let National Geographic know they certainly do dare to eat those tacos! compiled many of the messages that San Antonio residents were leaving. They commented that there’s another name for these tacos other than “cow head” tacos. They’re called barbacoa, and they’re so celebrated in Texas that they even have a well-known drink pairing – Big Red! In fact, the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival commented on National Geographic’s post to clue them in on the traditional Texan combination.

Barbacoa fans from other cities jumped into the conversation to say that the love of these tacos has spread even further. “Hit up any respectable taco truck, and they’ll serve you tacos with meat cut from the cow’s head if you ask for it. There’s one selling some right now, 3 blocks away, even at this hour here in Culver city,” Los Angeles resident Rashawn Pouchie wrote.