National Lemonade Day: Making a New Mindset Our of Lemons

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The number of lemonade stands that popped up in the Texas Hill Country over the weekend might have increased dramatically if your local youth were involved in National Lemonade Day. The first Sunday in May is nationally recognized as such. The purpose is not only for customers to enjoy a great glass of this glorious spring and summer thirst-quencher but also to impart business wisdom to the nation’s youth.

With a mission to “…help prepare youth for life through fun, proactive and experiential programs infused with life skills, character education, and entrepreneurship,” the folks at work not only on this day but throughout the year. They’re dedicated to helping “…today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.”

National Lemonade Day: Making a New Mindset Our of Lemons

Photo: Facebook/Scholastic Parents

Through planning events, fun activities, and community events, the organization builds a child’s self-esteem and helps to develop entrepreneurial mindsets. These efforts can point kids down a business path and get them thinking at a young age about establishing, owning, and operating their own business. The results in Texas communities have been outstanding. In the Hill Country, specifically, families that are interested in learning more about what this organization has to offer and how to support such thought processes for their child can check out the San Antonio office for the group. The entrepreneurial mindset that is developed isn’t simply for one day – it can last an entire lifetime!