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Natural Bridge Caverns is a Spelunking Dream Come True in the Texas Hill Country!

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Discovered in 1960 by four college students from St. Mary’s University, Natural Bridge Caverns, located in the Texas Hill Country, is a spelunking paradise! Located in San Antonio, the property is home to the largest known commercial caverns operating in the Lone Star State. Its name is derived from a 60-foot bridge-like formation made of natural limestone, which spans the entrance to the cavern.

Featuring a variety of unique geological formations, the main cavern has temperatures of a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round. At 180 feet beneath the surface, the deepest part of the public tour is fascinating, to say the least. So, can you imagine what you would find in the undeveloped areas that are known to reach 230 feet in depth?

Shared on the travelthruhistory YouTube channel, this video shares some excellent details about the area if you’re unfamiliar. With a 99 percent rate of humidity, the Natural Bridge Caverns are considered to be living and remain very active. Rainwater is known to travel down through the porous limestone, dissolving calcite (the mineral component of the speleothems that are found within the caverns). After leaving the limestone, it then makes its way into the caverns, flowing and dripping continuously throughout, which results in a unique waxy sheen on the cavern’s formations. Have you had the chance to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns in the Texas Hill Country? For more information on planning a trip and a tour, check out the website link available here, or visit the official Facebook page at the link provided here.