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Navigating a Moderate-Level Hike Into Gorman Falls

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A wide waterfall with a slightly difficult hike to be able to gaze upon it, the beauty of Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend State Park is tough to convey in a picture and even tougher to describe in written form. It’s one of those scenic Texas Hill Country places that you really have to see to believe and fully appreciate how graceful and grand it truly is. And depending on the amount of rainfall, and drainage, the size of the waterfall can vary, but miraculously, the grandeur of it never seems to. Its travertine base is so completely scenic that although dry and hot times can cause it to struggle in flow, it still welcomes you like some kind of achievement you’ve earned after hiking the distance to bask in its glory.

Navigating A Moderate-Level Hike Into Gorman Falls In The Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Texas

The approximate three-mile hike starts from a well-marked and obvious trailhead and parking area. It commences by meandering through majority flat trail which is flanked by a few thin trees and numerous cacti. If it is or has been raining, you’ll find the trail to be muddy and a bit on the slippery side (particularly where it covers rocky terrain), so caution is necessary. However, in drier conditions, the footing would be considerably more secure, and the hike much easier. Signage on the trail is clearly visible at the key junctions and small reflective shapes are placed along the trail on specific trees. The majority of the trail is open to the elements, and so another thing to consider is the requirement for water on hot days, as well as sun coverage. From the last trail junction prior to Gorman Falls, the hike begins to accelerate its descent and become noticeably steeper.

Navigating A Moderate-Level Hike Into Gorman Falls In The Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Day Trippin’ Texas

At one point, the trail descends a rocky slope which is flanked by cables on steel poles for guides. There’s also a short spur which offers a great opportunity to view the upper parts of the falls before making your final descent to their base. Considering spray and relative moisture, the surface here may be a little more slippery than anticipated, and your steps should be chosen carefully. At the base of Gorman Falls, there’s a viewing platform accompanied by interpretive signs. The foliage in and around the base is almost as breathtaking as the falls themselves (almost, but not quite), but they can also pose a problem where photography is concerned if you’re trying to get that “perfect” shot of the full expanse of the cascade. And if after gazing at the beauty of Gorman Falls after this moderate hike, you find the desire to carry on a little further, the Colorado River parallels the canyon and trail which continues to amble on. Ideally, you’ll want a minimum of three hours to make the full excursion, as well as be able to hike off onto some of the smaller scenic spurs, but if you’re a “power-hiker” and in it for the exercise more than the scenery, you can easily lessen this timeframe.


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