Neiman Marcus Accidentally Sends Over 39K of Dollars of Designer Merchandise to Random Guy

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When Matt Hwang opened a package delivered to his house, he was confused by what he found inside – two Chanel bags and a bunch of other luxury accessories – but what really made his jaw drop was the receipt that said the contents were worth $39,168! He posted the mistaken receipt and photos of the fancy Chanel bags along with the caption, “last friday, neiman marcus accidentally shipped me $39,168 worth of merchandise. I returned it yesterday morning with their employees looking at me as if I was crazy. moral of the story – never do the right thing.” That’s right. Hwang is an honest man, and he returned the mistaken merchandise right away, even though he was met with confusion as to why he didn’t keep the goods.

The Consumerist reports that while Neiman Marcus has had some issues with their new inventory system that has cost them about $65 million, a spokesperson for the company said this particular incident wasn’t part of it. “The error was not related to NM’s new inventory system, NMG One. We are very grateful for Mr. Hwang’s honesty and his time spent returning these items. We know that it was mistakenly left with him during a return process through a shipping vendor,” they stated.

And, as Jack FM reminds us in their article about the mishap, the FTC says you can keep a package delivered to you. “If a company sends you unordered merchandise, you have the legal right to keep it as a gift, and they cannot demand payment for said unordered merchandise,” they explain. Knowing that, would you keep the Chanel bags?