Neiman Marcus Reveals Their ‘Fantasy Gifts’ for 2017

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Business Insider writes that Neiman Marcus recently released their famous, yearly Christmas Book full of pricey goodies. Within the book, the luxury retailer includes a section called “Fantasy Gifts” which is marketed toward the incredibly wealthy who already have everything. The items often cost thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars.

In order to quell the eye-rolling from many who see the gifts as wastefully extravagant, Business Insider writes that “…a portion of every Fantasy Gift purchase is donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, which funds art programs across the US.”

This year, the list is as outrageous as ever. On their website, Neiman Marcus writes that a few of the finest gifts are “…an aerial photo session with Gray Malin, a pampering experience in Paris with Sisley, and a bespoke handbag collection and Parisian experience with Olympia Le-Tan. This year’s Yours & Mine’ Fantasy Gift is a pair of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited-Edition Dawns in two color options.” And if you’re looking to spread the joy to 300 of your closest friends, you can rent out space in the middle of Times Square for your super special New Year’s Eve party.

Check out the list of expensive possibilities here.