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New Bar in San Antonio Celebrates the Music and Spirit of the ’90s

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Are you ready for a Boo-Ya! or Gettin’ Jiggy cocktail? If so, head down to 12333 West Ave. near the airport to check out Groove House.  KSAT reports that San Antonio’s new bar/restaurant is the brainchild of Adrian Martinez, also known as DJ A-Mar, who appreciates the tunes and good vibes from the ’90s. “I’ve been a DJ since I was 14,” Martinez told the news. “Groove House comes from all of the years I’ve been playing music and enjoying myself.”

And though it’s being billed as mainly a throwback to the ’90s, the Groove House Facebook invitation for their opening night party on January 20th says that the bar will also have hints of the ’80s and early ’00s that everyone not-so-secretly misses.

According to a video from SA Live on Facebook, Groove House will have amazing food. Wings galore will be available, along with cheesy nachos with in-house made refried beans, and mouthwatering queso blanco fries. The wonderfully caloric meals will keep sports fans satiated while watching the game and provide fuel for getting one’s groove on out on the dance floor later in the night.

Check out the bar’s spiffy interior and outdoor patio area in the Instagram photo story below.