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Austinites Should Be Aware of These New Bicycle Signals

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Whether you live in Austin or plan on traveling to the Texas capital sometime soon, you should learn the ins and outs of the new bicycle signals. Back in January, Movability Austin wrote that the signals would be installed in early 2017. “The idea is to improve safety for both cyclists and motorists on roadways where both users share space and traffic lights,” they explained. Now, the signals are finally here.

KXAN reports that 12 new bicycle lights have been installed in high traffic areas. They’re listed as: “Five locations on 3rd Street, Wilshire Boulevard/Aldrich Street and Airport Boulevard, Rio Grande Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, two locations on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, 4th Street and Red River Street, Rio Grande Street and W. 24th Street, and North Lamar Boulevard and Morrow Street.” All of the new signals will become functional next week with standard red, yellow, and green signals but with bike symbols inside of a standard circle.

Bikers and walkers will now have more time to cross the street at the above intersections, and they will be more visible to drivers. The news states that officers will start out with giving warnings when the signals are not obeyed.