This New Blog Is the Obsession of Every Aviation Enthusiast

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Dreams Taking Flight is an up and coming blog about all things aviation. The San Antonio-based founders and creators are husband and wife duo James and Veronica Moore.

James does a majority of the writing, while Veronica handles the visual aspects such as web design, photos, and formatting.

The blog was inspired by James’ love for flying, which he inherited from his grandfather. He comes from a long line of servicemen and is an Army veteran himself. Veronica was an army brat and raised within the military.

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The website launched in February of 2018. Some of their articles include Flying Movies That Never Grow Old, 8 Hours From Bottle To Throttle, and 10 Pilot Superstitions.

James loves the opportunity to write about their Texas home. He has written about The Central Texas Wing Museum and Fredericksburg’s Airport Diner.

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The creators strived to inspire a group of aviation enthusiasts and create a blog that peaks everyone’s interests. Whether that’s planes, drones, balloons, parachutes, or paragliding. They hold true to writing about all things aviation.

They write about everything from UFO sightings and the Bermuda Triangle to policies and scholarships for women in aviation.

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James and Veronica love to read stories from their readers as well. If you have a personal flying story such as the first time you went skydiving or how you earned your pilot’s license you can share it with them here. You may even be published on the website!

By creating a blog that caters to those who truly love all things aviation, Dreams Taking Flight is truly one of a kind.