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New Braunfels Brewing Company Spices Up a Fall Beer Favorite

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Photo: Courtesy of New Braunfels Brewing Co.

Permeated with green jalapenos, the Hell Yeah Green has that familiar spicy aroma. It also comes with a crisp, clean finish that’s savory and pairs well with anything you could imagine. Hell Yeah Rojo boasts the sensation and flavors of red jalapenos. Red jalapeno peppers are harder to come by than their green counterparts due to the fact that they take longer to become mature (giving them their redness). With age comes more heat, and this addition to the PKL FKR makes for a great selection to have with German sausages or equally fiery Mexican cuisine. But, the spiciness doesn’t stop there. New Braunfels Beer Company has also released MNDFCK, which is made with dried mild hatch green chilies. Although the mediums of this type of pepper are known to be comparable in the heat category to the jalapeno, the taste is completely unique. They tend to have an earthier flavor according to their avid fans, which makes them a perfect underpinning to this beer.

To make it easier for aficionados to access this unique line of beer, NBBC has put together four-packs, which showcase one bottle of each brew, at a cost of $13. Those who are sure they’re going to want a full case can purchase one for $64. NBBC has a handy online store if you’re unable to make it to the Hill Country to enjoy a drink and a bite as well as tour around town, although we all know what the preference is. Either way, the chance to enjoy a spicy version of a one-of-a-kind beer is here.

Originally published in the Fall Issue of Heart of Texas Magazine.

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