All Aboard for Family Fun! New Braunfels Train Show on Track

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Texas has a fascinating history, and there’s nothing more historically exciting than how trains helped make the Lone Star State the great place it is today. Trains were used to open up the state for settlement and development. Railroad companies were also a vast source of employment. Plus, there’s even a select group of Texans who made their living by becoming skilled train robbers! The stories that can be told as a result of these icons of 19th-century growth and commerce are countless, which is why a love of trains continues to this day – including the growing love of model trains and train sets.

Lucky for us, the New Braunfels Train Show is taking place in the Texas Hill Country coming up on October 27 and 28 at the New Braunfels Civic Center. The show is one of the largest of its kind in the state. Train enthusiasts of all ages and all walks of life who are planning a trip to this show certainly won’t be disappointed. The event has been running for over a decade now, and according to the show president, James “Jimmy” Edmondson, it started out with approximately 185 tables and has since grown to 367 and counting! Jimmy took the time out of his planning schedule to give an interview about the show, as well as what it means to the New Braunfels Railroad Museum and to area residents.

All Aboard for Family Fun! New Braunfels Train Show on Track

Photo: Facebook/New Braunfels Railroad Museum

Over 2,000 people attend the show each year. “This is our big fundraiser,” Edmondson explained. “We get approximately 150 to 200 new people each year.” The New Braunfels Railroad Museum (also known as the New Braunfels Historic Railroad and Modelers Society) is dedicated to the preservation of artifacts belonging to railroad developments. They also focus on education about trains and the railroad system. Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the museum is open to the public, free of charge, and, subsequently, its members coordinate fundraising activities to ensure they can continue to share their rich history and entertaining displays. The New Braunfels Train Show happens twice yearly (once in the spring and then again in the fall) and is sponsored by the railroad museum as one of their integral fundraisers.

All Aboard for Family Fun! New Braunfels Train Show on Track
Photo: Facebook/Aunt Heidi’s Toys

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