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New Buc-ee’s Location Along I-10 Postpones Opening Day

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Though many would have loved to stop at the new Buc-ee’s location along I-10 in Katy, Texas this weekend while they were escaping Hurricane Harvey’s wrath, the storm, unfortunately, predated the grand opening of the store, which was set for Monday, August 28. But on the Buc-ee’s Facebook page, the company wrote on Sunday afternoon, “Due to the weather, we will not be opening our newest location in Katy tomorrow as scheduled. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.”

The delayed Buc-ee’s is located at 27700 Katy Freeway, and Chron.com says that it will have “what is being billed as the world’s longest car wash, at 225 feet long,” along with the iconic clean restrooms, endless gas pumps (over 100,) hot food, and ICEEs. So far, the only people to have seen inside are first responders who were treated to a special tour and meal as part of an appreciation day put on by Buc-ee’s. Hopefully, it helped to fuel the EMS, police, and fire fighters Houston needed this weekend during Harvey.

If you’re hoping to visit the Katy location soon, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook to see when they’ll open to the public.