Houston’s New Club Nomadic Will Have a Strict Dresscode

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Though it seemed like Houston’s newest (and temporary) nightclub, Club Nomadic, might not have received their license to operate before opening night, reports that the permits came through, and the Thursday night festivities were a go. But Club Nomadic isn’t fit for anyone to simply waltz in. The venue is meant to be exclusive, and one must have a ticket to the event as well as “upscale attire” to get inside.

KHOU says that clubgoers have to leave their t-shirts at home. The Club Nomadic website states:

“Fashionable Upscale Attire Required. DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED: NO Athletic Gear and Apparel, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Shorts, Torn or Cutoff Clothing, Men’s Sandals, Sneakers, Athletic Shoes and Offensive Prints on Clothing. Many regular nightclubs have similar policies, but some may be surprised to find it at a ticketed concert event.”

When reading through comments on KHOU’s Facebook page, it’s evident that concert attendees aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a strict dress code. “How can they expect people to dress fashionable and upscale when it’s going to be a million degrees, crowded like crazy, and on your feet the whole time?” Raven Busceme Weston commented.

Others are guessing that the dress code won’t be too specific. Trey Beazley posted that information for the Taylor Swift show says “party chic” attire with comfortable shoes is recommended.