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The New Astrodome Concept Photos Look Amazing

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The debate over what to do with the Houston Astrodome seems never-ending. Deemed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” in 1965, this domed stadium is now vacant but protected by the Texas Historical Commission. A new plan from architects James Richards and Ben Olschner called “A Dome Park” shows the potential for the iconic dome to become an outdoor park.

Photo: AstroDome Park

Photo: AstroDome Park

By stripping the Astrodome down to its bare bones, the ambitious architects believe there could be a spiraling bike and walking path to the top of the stadium along with a gorgeous green park. Their website states: “Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Astrodome will stand proudly as an iconic, unenclosed, open air, painted steel structure, surrounded by a picturesque tree filled park.”

astrodome concept

“A Dome Park” would cost roughly $180 million and could draw funding from the private-public partnership that built Discovery Green, a successful downtown Houston park that opened in 2008.

If it sounds too utopian to be true, Joe Stinebaker, director of communications for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, agrees. He told the Houston Chronicle: “While Mr. Richards’ concept is fun to look at and accompanied by very appealing artistic renderings…the proposed financing plan is, at best, naïve, and at worst entirely unrealistic.”

Photo: AstroDome Park

Photo: AstroDome Park

Everyone hopes that the Astrodome will move along in some direction, since it’s a shame to see a once vibrant venue waiting for Texans to visit it once again.