Haters Love to Hate: New Dating App Designed on Mutual Dislikes

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When Brendan Alper saw a need, he envisioned how to fill it. And so, he created the popular new dating app called Hater. Though admittedly, he’s no psychologist, he saw that “People hate things everywhere,” he said. “Maybe not the same things, but everyone likes to complain.” In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Alper explained that on the notion that his concept would work, he left his position as a finance associate for Goldman Sachs and launched the dating app which matches people based on what they hate.

Haters Love to Hate: New Dating App Design on Mutual Dislikes

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By swiping on over 3,000 topics, with options for hating or loving as many of them as one wants, Alper explained that he felt mutual dislikes were a stronger indicator of compatibility than likes. So far, things such as politics, poor wifi service, and man buns rank amongst the most unpopular. Launching the app in February, within a month Hater had garnered some 350,000 users worldwide. And, this industry is definitely sink or swim. Dominated by only a handful of major players, the online dating sector is a $2 billion industry.

Haters Love to Hate: New Dating App Design on Mutual Dislikes

Photo: Pixabay

Alper feels that the concept is based on a dopamine rush. The thought of getting a match and finding someone compatible actually has the active U.S. populace spending approximately one hour per day using a dating app. And in terms of successful matches, Alper said Hater has one particular couple who both said they hated the Super Bowl, but loved queso dip. So, they got together during the big game and made dip instead of watching the Super Bowl! Sound like true Texas love to you? Ted Huston, University of Texas psychology professor who has run a longitudinal study of married couples, identified that being sensitive to the idea of compatibility may alone be a sign of trouble, citing that unhappy couples believe compatibility is integral to a good marriage, and that they don’t have it. He also felt they overemphasized values and personality as opposed to the effects of congenial temperaments on a successful marriage. It definitely gives you something to think about in the search for everlasting love. Is Hater the next opportunity for you? Have you tried a dating app successfully? Do tell!


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