‘Taking the New Guy Hunting’: A Hilarious Take on How Not to Hunt

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Tony Maples Photography


Sharing the hunting tradition with somebody new can truly be a mutually rewarding experience, helps ensure appropriate expectations, can be safe, and legal. In some instances. In others, like the one you’re about to see, it can be downright stereotypically…well…funny!

Posted on the caliokiedude YouTube channel (who’s fitting tagline is “Trying to make light out of bad situations. If you didn’t come to laugh, then you came to the wrong place!”) the “Taking the New Guy Hunting” video is completely relatable for all those seasoned hunters who’ve, innocently enough, tried to introduce a friend or family member to the art and joy of hunting. As Cody Minor and Joshua Marie show you, it’s a privilege not to be taken lightly. Sometimes…

Please note, there is a little bit of crude humor in this video. Please keep that in mind before pressing play.

It appears, in this case, that “passing the torch” isn’t such an easy hand-off. In the spirit of good-natured (and “natural”) hunting humor, these dudes make you laugh at the serious side of things. From tracking to patiently waiting, from proper aim to chewing snuff, to not making a “crap-ton” of noise, these guys hit all the bases of a hilarious hunt that, 9 times out of 10, is probably the norm the standard hunting enthusiast never tells you about. Like a fisherman works in his tales of “the one that got away”, these hunters will have you howling at how nothing’s ever going to go their way with “the new guy” in tow. Now who can’t relate to that?!