New Jeep Magically Appears In Woman’s Driveway After Her Car Was Totaled

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Sheri happily lived with her daughter and granddaughter in Florida, but suddenly, the family was struck with bad luck. After a car accident that totaled Sheri’s car, their home burned down only a few weeks later. In the wake of the fire, the three generations of women had nowhere to go.

Thankfully, Sheri lived in a giving community. As wrote via ABC News, a local charity helped them find a place to live. But the problem of the car remained since Sheri had no way of getting to her doctor’s appointments pertaining to her car accident injuries.

One day, Sheri walked outside to find a white Jeep with a bow on it in her driveway. Needless to say, she was surprised, but she became even more shocked when she found out that it was completely paid for by strangers! The Jeep was provided by Auto Angels, a nonprofit formed in 2010 that aimed to give away refurbished cars to people in need.

Stories like this remind us that even when stressful situations pour down on us, if we are able to reach out, someone will be ready to help. By supporting others when they need it the most, we strengthen our communities.