New Land Added to San Jacinto Battleground to Preserve Texas History

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Over 23 acres are being added to the land surrounding the San Jacinto Monument, according to an announcement by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Bordering the Houston Ship Channel, the acquisition together with a donation from the San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy (SJBC) is just the latest in a number of enhancement and restoration projects on the grounds where the battle was fought in 1836.

The project is designed to conserve the historic property where, on April 21, 1836, the Battle of San Jacinto won our independence in the Texas Revolution. It also includes these tracts of land which were acquired in 2010 and 2014. Carter Smith, TPWD Executive Director, stated, “The addition of this critical tract of land, and its rich cultural and natural legacy, represents a great gift to Texans and the future of the San Jacinto Battleground. We are grateful for the work of SJBC in protecting the site and for ensuring that current and future generations of Texans can continue to connect with the outdoors and the history of our home ground.”

New Land Added to San Jacinto Battleground to Preserve Texas History
Photo: Facebook/Brian Hart

The late Jan DeVault, co-founder and former President of the SJBC, was credited with being instrumental in the process. They include a conservation easement coordinated with the Galveston Bay Foundation, as well as an in-kind donation from the SJBC, the latter of which is equal to more than $3.1 million. “Our acquisition and maintenance of the tracts have made possible TPWD’s plans to restore the area to its 1836 appearance,” current SJBC President Cecil Jones explained. “These new features will allow visitors to better experience and understand the battle, and the rare natural wildlife habitat on the Houston Ship Channel.” For more than 15 years, the TPWD has been making every effort possible to acquire all of the remaining lands on the San Jacinto Peninsula for these same purposes.

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