New Oreo Flavor Features Popping Candy Inside the Filling

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“I can hear it in my mouth, and in my ears. That is wild!” Ken Domik of KBDProductionsTV said while he sampled the newest flavor of Oreos called “Firework.”

Firework Oreos very recently hit the shelves. They feature the original chocolate cookies and cream but with the addition of blue and red popping candy (like Pop Rocks.) Judging by Domik’s face, the limited edition Firework flavor is a bit of an adventure, but not overwhelming. For the most part, it tastes like a regular Oreo, but has a crunchy, popping edge to it.

Oreo isn’t afraid to try new flavors. As USA Today reports, they’re looking to their fans to come up with an idea for what they’ll attempt next. Twitter user ‪mireyaaxo‬ came up with Conchas flavor Oreos. And litten_aaron suggested, “Some people find Oreos too sweet, if you make them a tiny bit bitter with coffee flavor they’ll sell a lot.” Instagram user bethemmonsmn even dreamt up a very unique Golden Popcorn Flavor.

If you can think up something even tastier, post your idea to Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest to show the executive at Mondelez International that you know the right direction Oreo should take.