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Gain a New Perspective During Summer Vacation in Texas

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If you have some kids at home that just recently got released from school, about to embark on a summer vacation they believe is filled with sitting around on the couch getting some serious T.V. time in, perhaps y’all need to get a new perspective. How about one from 5,632 feet?

Gain a New Perspective During Summer Vacation in Texas

Photo: Facebook/Trips to Discover TX

You read that right. The opportunity to view the great state of Texas from various heights is a quick bit of trip-planning and some internet-investigating away. First, consider the trip to West Texas and the Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso. Here you can ride aboard a cable car to the Wyler Observatory on top of Ranger Peak. At 5,632 feet, atop the beautiful Franklin Mountains, you and the kids will have a bird’s eye view of our state, not to mention New Mexico and parts of Mexico too!

Gain a New Perspective During Summer Vacation in Texas

Photo: Wikimedia

If central Texas is more your style, why not look into San Antonio’s Hemisfair Park, here in the Texas Hill Country. Constructed in 1968 for the San Antonio World’s Fair, the Tower of the Americas stands 750-feet-tall and has offered phenomenal views of this fair city and state to many a Texan, tourist, and enthused tiny-Texan for years. With a restaurant situated at 550 feet up, you and your kids or grandkids (it features a children’s menu as well) can enjoy a great Lone Star State lunch with a view, and then make your way to the observation deck, which sits at 675 feet above ground level. Featuring stunning panoramic scenery of the Alamo City and beyond, the Tower of the Americas will help you and the family gain a new perspective during summer vacation in Texas.