New Report Finds Texans More Likely to be Satisfied With Their Workplace

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How do you feel about your workplace? If you are residing in the Lone Star State, chances are you are probably pretty satisfied with your job. According to the Conference Board Job Satisfaction survey, 56.3 percent of employees in Texas are pleased with their place of work. That is more than any other state population in America.

Additionally, the survey also concluded that for the first time since 2005 the national job satisfaction rate climbed upwards of 50 percent. In layman’s terms, this means that more than half of all employees in the United States are content with their current job situation.

The Why

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What prompted this increase in overall employee satisfaction? The Conference Board says the improvement can be attributed to the upswing of the labor market in recent years.

Michelle Kan, Associate Director of the Knowledge Organization, and co-author of The Conference Board’s report said historically low layoff rates have given employees a greater sense of job-security.

“Employees have more opportunities at other companies and more confidence in pursuing those opportunities,” Kan said. “And, as it becomes harder to find qualified workers and retain existing ones, employers are gradually accelerating wage growth and improving other job features.”

The Specifics

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In order to delve even deeper into the particulars of overall workplace satisfaction, the report analyzed 23 components of worker contentment. These included key issues such as health plans, commute, and authority figures.

On the upside, the report concluded that 60.5 percent of people were satisfied with their work colleagues and 58.4 percent showed interest in their work. However, the report also found a majority of employees were not happy with promotion policies at their job, nor were they fond of the educational/job training programs available to them, as satisfaction percentages came in at 25.4 percent and 30.8 percent respectively.

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