Could This Be The New State Song? [VIDEO]

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Could This Be The New State Song? [VIDEO]

“This ain’t Oklahoma, boy!” exclaims Fisher in the last line of his Texas Country song, “We’re From Texas (What Country Are You From?)” Anyone who’s ever lived in or visited the great State of Texas knows we believe Texas is the best of the 50 nifty United States. We certainly pride ourselves on the rich history of our state and the brave souls who gained our independence from Mexico – as the first line in the song speaks to it all starting at the Alamo.

Creed Fisher & The Redneck Nation Band presented their album “Down Here in Texas” back in March, and we just can’t get enough. If you listen to a just a few of Fisher’s tracks from his debut album, you might think he was born with a guitar in his hand. All of his songs are relevant today, yet carry a feel of classic country music. But, Fisher has only been writing and performing for only three years, basing his spirited tunes on hard times and his personal experiences.

He draws the listener in and evokes a familiarity in his songs – a familiarity of timeless hits of well-known Country artists.
Fisher is the guy next door that you feel like you’ve known your whole life, and his music feels like the songs you’ve been singing since you first discovered Country music.

His lyrics are comfortable; his story, genuine; his spirit, humble; and his talent, undeniable. Should “We’re From Texas” be considered our new State Song? Well, it’s just not “Texas, Our Texas”… but, we think it might be our new favorite Texas tune.

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