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New Waterpark in Grand Prairie Will Be Open Year Round

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As the weekends left in the summer dwindle down, don’t despair if you haven’t made it out to Schlitterbahn yet. Another Texas waterpark is on the horizon, and within its 80,000 square foot grounds, it boasts a retractable roof, climate control, and the ability to stay open year round throughout any cold or stormy weather. According to the Dallas Observer, “The facility will be the largest indoor water park with a retractable roof in the country.”

Opening in mid-November in Grand Prairie, the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark will hold attractions for all ages and all levels of bravery. For those who like to chill out and only experience light thrills at waterparks, there’s a 650-foot lazy river and a 10,000 square-foot wave pool. Visitors looking for heart-pounding, controlled chaos will enjoy slides like the Lassoloop, “a massive ‘aqua-loop’ that sends riders screaming down a trap-door drop and around what [executive vice president Richard] Coleman claims will be the tallest indoor aqua-loop slide in America.”

The Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Facebook page says they’ll have 12 slides total, a “Flow Rider Wave surf simulator,” and an area for kids. They point out that the waterpark will be part of The Epic, a section of Grand Prairie devoted to community including an amphitheater, playground suited for all abilities, library, and wellness center. Read more about it here.