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NFL Star and Texas Boy Team Up in “Super Van Tackles Cancer”

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Inspired by a true story, Super Van Tackles Cancer is the journey of a young Texas boy who was diagnosed with cancer during a routine physical for his flag football team in Sugarland, Texas. He joins forces with “Writer, creator, cancer survivor, and former NFL star,” Dominic “Billy” Austin to bring you this inspiring story of hope as it encourages “pediatric cancer patients to seek their inner superhero!”

Austin is the Founder of Tackles4Cancer, a series that focuses on kids finding their superpowers to beat cancer. “He understands that one of the most important things we can do to help is to provide hope, faith, and love for kids battling this horrible disease,” shares tackles4cancer.org.

NFL Star and Texas Boy Team Up in “Super Van Tackles Cancer”

Photo: www.facebook.com/supervantacklescancer

In a battle that no young boy should have to deal with at the tender age of six, Van shares his story of being diagnosed with stage three Rhabdomyosarcoma. In an interview with ABC13, Van’s mother, Stacie Johnson, shared, “His only symptom was a stuffy nose. That’s all he had was a stuffy nose.”

In 2014, Austin shared with ABC13 that he was diagnosed with stage three Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He had a tumor the size of a marble on his shoulder. A family friend of the Johnson’s, Austin has been of great support to the family as he has battled through his own diagnosis and is in recovery.

With Van having had to deal with 42 rounds of chemotherapy, he shared with ABC13 that, “After a while, you get used to getting poked every single day.” It’s this type of resiliency from such a young patient that pulls at your heart, and his story will have you cheering him all the way down the field to victory against this disease. “His spirit was just so strong-willed that I was in awe, man I was like ‘I wish I could have been as brave and courageous as this young man,” shared Austin with ABC13.com.

NFL Star and Texas Boy Team Up in “Super Van Tackles Cancer”

Photo: www.facebook.com/supervantacklescancer

Having been inspired by Van and his nickname “SuperVan,” Austin joined forces with the young cancer patient to help share his story with others.

“Dominic ‘Billy’ Austin and Van Johnson work together to bring you this children’s book about courage, hope, and strength; of digging deep within yourself to find your superpowers… and using those powers to wage the battle against cancer,” shares his website about the book. A story that is sure to bring a light of hope to assist other families battling this terrible disease.

To learn more about Van’s heartwarming story of how he navigates understanding his diagnosis as he begins treatments, transitions from going to public school to homeschool, and brings you into his world through the illustrations of the book, pick up a copy of SuperVan Tackles Cancer, available online through Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.

All proceeds go towards Dominic Austin’s charity, Tackles4Cancer, a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.