‘ICU Grandpa’ Loves to Volunteer at the Hospital and Comfort the Babies

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David Deutchman is a gentle soul who’s received national attention with his nickname the “ICU Grandpa.” KHOU reports that for 12 years, Deutchman has visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta two times a week to nurture the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

MaryBeth Brulette recently gave birth at only 25 weeks to her baby who must stay at the hospital two hours away from her. “Every morning I get here as soon as I can, but I’m always anxious that he’s alone, and he’s missing Mommy,” she told the news. But when she saw that Deutchman had her baby cradled lovingly in his arms, she said, “All my anxiety and everything was gone, and I was just filled with joy.”

Deutchman has really made an impression on the hospital staff, as well. Last week, they posted an ode to the man they call the ICU Grandpa on their Facebook page with a photo and video of him in action. In the video, he sweetly sings “You Are My Sunshine” while stroking a baby’s head. It might bring a tear to your eye!

“Some of my guy friends, they ask me what I do here. And I say, ‘well, I hold babies. I get puked on, I get peed on,’ and they say why would you do that?! Some people just don’t understand the kind of reward you would get from holding a baby like this,” Deutchman explained.