No Chip Left Behind: Mouth-Watering Mango Salsa

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Ready for a new dip for your chip?  Mango Salsa is a great spring or summertime treat on baked or grilled chicken, on chalupas, on fajitas, on your chips, or just to eat out of the bowl.  Besides being a delicious treat, it’s healthy for you, too!


Fresh Mango

Fresh Tomato

Fresh Cilantro

Crushed or Fresh Pineapple

Your choice of yellow, red, and or orange bell pepper

Jalapeno Pepper




Red Onion


All ingredients are adjusted to your taste preference.  Mango can be peeled or skin can be left on, it’s up to you. Dice mango, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and onion, mix together in a bowl. Add pineapple and a little juice to mixture. Cut lemon and lime in half and squeeze juice on top of mixture. Add salt to taste.  Mix ingredients together and chill for one hour or time of your choice. Feel free to be creative and add extra ingredients such as shrimp if you like! Enjoy with your favorite meal and beverage!