Old-School Nokia 3310 Cell Phone is Making a Comeback

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You most likely remember how the old Nokia 3310 looked and felt. As ABC 13 writes, it was “…regarded as one of the best phones of its generation, a pioneering handset known for its robust nature and the longevity of its battery life.”

Neowin says that when the re-release of Nokia’s popular old phone was first announced, it had limited support and wasn’t unlocked for use in the U.S. But now the phone has 3G and comes in spiffy new colors like “Azure and Charcoal,” and the more classic, “Yellow and Warm Red.” It is considered a smartphone and comes with buttons spaced a bit further apart than the old model so users can easily navigate the apps including the famous Snake game.

If you’re worried that the Nokia 3310 won’t cut it as your primary phone, Tech Radar agrees. They write that it’s probably best used as a secondary phone for emergencies or to take to festivals since it has a such a long battery life. But keep in mind that the camera leaves something to be desired, and it doesn’t have much storage space.

Right now, the phone is listed at 49 Euros on the Nokia website since the company hasn’t started U.S. sales just yet. Sign up here for more info.