Several North Texans Followed After Visiting the Bank and Robbed

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McKinney resident Kenny Linton knows he was being watched. After he visited his local Wells Fargo and exited the bank with an envelope of cash, Linton headed to the gas station to complete another errand. WFAA reports that while he was inside the store, “a silver Ford Focus pulled up in reverse right next to Kenny’s white SUV. The thieves shattered his passenger side window and reached into the center console.”

Surveillance tapes have helped Irving Police find one potential thief, but a string of similar incidents have been reported in McKinney after people have used the ATM or gone to the bank. The thieves are following their victims to their next location before robbing them of their freshly withdrawn cash.

The American Bankers Association says on their website that those withdrawing money should immediately place the cash or envelope out of sight and be hyperaware of their surroundings for any suspicious people. Although the tips may seem obvious, it’s easy to forget these procedures when you’re comfortable in your hometown. Linton says he will start looking over his shoulder more often now.