North Texas Women Open ‘Female Friendly’ Auto Shop

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Going to an auto shop when you haven’t been taught much about cars and you know you’ve been taken advantage of before can feel like a dreaded chore. North Texas women Kimera Shepler and Robin Mainer weren’t fond of taking their car in for maintenance because they felt vulnerable and uninformed. Shepler told CBS DFW she was disrespected at auto shops in the past, so she wanted to create a welcoming and comfortable place for female customers along with her long-time friend, Mainer.

They opened the doors of their shop in January, and since then, 75 percent of the customers have been women. They aim to prove any of the skeptics wrong, and the two take pride in their shop. “It’s like sitting in your living room. It’s so comfortable and clean here. The bathroom’s clean. So that’s a good thing too,” customer Kristie Schuetz told the news.

Shepler and Mainer opened their store in Lewisville as a franchise opportunity from Honest-1 Auto Care. Honest-1 has locations across the United States, each with the goal to educate customers on what their car needs and why, use eco-friendly solutions, and promote integrity and trust.