Are Nose Hair Extensions Really the New Beauty Trend?

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First, there were wavy eyebrows, and now nose hair extensions are going viral on beauty social media accounts on Instagram. The post uploaded by @gret_chen_chen last week has left the internet baffled and even caused major news outlets like to catch on and ask what we’re all thinking, “Uhhhh what?”

It’s clear from the rest of @gret_chen_chen’s account that she’s an artist with a vision and a great sense of humor, but of course, many people don’t take the time to look at the source of the image, especially after it goes viral. While many people were critical, saying that the look was “disgusting” or “stupid,” others also found the humor in the image and started to play along.

The BBC featured posts from beauty gurus who snapped photos of themselves sporting the nose hair extensions look. They’re toying with the idea of beauty standards and how hair found out of socially acceptable bounds is immediately deemed gross. Ironically, they’re using fake eyelashes which are made for the purpose of enhancing the amount of hair on one’s face. But when these Instagrammers humorously place the lashes away from the boundaries of their eyes, it throws viewers into a tizzy.

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