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Nuns in Corpus Christi Get Their Exercise on Roller Blades

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If you’ve spotted a group of nuns rollerblading along the sea wall in Corpus Christi, you didn’t see a mirage. The “Holy Rollers of Corpus Christi” are making headlines for their public recreational activity on the Texas coast.

ABC 13 says that their activity has brought the sisters closer together, and they always wear their full attire while skating (sometimes with the additional of wrist guards.) Needless to say, they attract some attention for being so modestly covered up under the hot sun, but WGN says they’re happy to give out high fives and snap photos with people who are intrigued by what they’re doing.

“We did meet a group of roller derby women and so they were all kinda dressed the same and we were all dressed the same and it was actually really cool. They invited us to their roller derby match,” one of the nuns told the news with a smile on her face.

The rollerblading nuns are part of SOLT or the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. They hope that their roller blading exercise will show the public that there’s a fun side to their pious lives.