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Nurse Wins $4 Million From a Scratch Off, Only Scales Back Work Week

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Fox 2 Detroit writes that a Michigan nurse recently won $4 million off of a scratch off ticket at a Sunoco gas station. While she was at the station, she went ahead and scratched the game, and she was floored to find she won the biggest jackpot the card offered!

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, has worked as a nurse for 28-years. Instead of quitting her job and entering an early retirement, she decided to cut her hours back…to 40 a week. “I’m not sure I’ve ever worked just a 40-hour week, so working just 40 hours at one job will feel like retirement to me!” she told the news.

As explained by YouTuber ScratchTicketsHere, the $4,000,000 Mega Bucks scratch-off ticket costs $30 to purchase and provides a couple of different games. The first is a simple “match the symbol” game where only one square needs to be scratched to see if the player wins $30, $50, $200, or $500. The rest of the card is dedicated to the well-known “match your number with the winning number” game. This is where the lucky nurse matched #43 in the 5th row of numbers, and below it read a victorious “4ML.”