Nutribullets Inspected Over Claims of the Devices Exploding

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Nutribullets have become a kitchen appliance staple in many homes. The small and mighty blender boasts that it can chop up tough fruits and veggies to make dips and smoothies and many people rave about its efficiency and power. But some owners of the appliance have come forward to say that the machine terrifyingly blew up in their face. Fox 32 says that Pete Damiano claims his Nutibullet’s “top blasted off the blending base causing first and second-degree burns to his hands, torso and face.” He’s now taking legal action against the company. compiled notes from Good Housekeeping and the Australian news program “Today Tonight Adelaide” to show that some of the claims of the product exploding traces back to lithium-ion battery use, while others say that even the units without the overheating batteries are still reaching such a speed that they shatter the blade and propel themselves off the counter. (It’s unknown if in most cases already hot liquids were used in the blender, which is only okay in some models.)

Since the investigation into these matters has not lead to any conclusions, Nutribullet owners can make their own assessment as to how they feel about using the appliance. So far, Nutribullet hasn’t commented on the matter.