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In 1840, Oatmeal was established by German families. The name of Oatmeal has been said to be either an alteration of Mr. Othneil (the first gristmill owner) or a translation of the name Habermill. Oatmeal, Texas is an unincorporated community in Burnet County. It is the second oldest town in the county.

The Oatmeal festival has played a huge role in the lives of Oatmeal residents. Both the Oatmeal and Bertram communities join together to celebrate this festival. This unique festival was started in 1978 by Ken Odiorne when he wrote several oatmeal producers for help put Oatmeal back on the map. National Oats was the only company to respond. Today, Oatmeal, Texas is back on the maps thanks to this festival and Individuals from all over Texas travel to participate in this exciting festival. The festival always falls on the Friday and Saturday right before Labor Day. Make sure to pencil in the Oatmeal Festival into your schedule the next time you are visiting the area!

Texas Hill Country is filled with unique hunting ranches. Enjoy a safari style hunt with DB Hunting Ranch in Burnet County, close to Oatmeal. These hunting ranches give each guest the opportunity to have a shooting opportunity. A lot of hunters that go out in the wild themselves do not always get a good shot that day. DB Hunting Ranch guarantees that each guest will have the opportunity to shoot. One thing that sets DB Hunting Ranch apart from the rest is their combo hunts which allow guests to hunt for more than one animal that day.

Oatmeal Texas

City Summary
Population: 20
Celebrate the Oatmeal Festival with us the Friday and Saturday before Labor Day!
DB Hunting Ranch guarantees a great shooting experience for all of their guests.

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