October 5 Promises a Harvest Moon: Farmers & Photographers Delight

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The Harvest Moon for 2017 will appear on October 5, and you’re going to want to watch! Traditionally, the full moon of September (also known as the Full Corn Moon) is considered the Harvest Moon as it appears closest to the fall time equinox, which would be considered the first day of Autumn (September 22 this year). But, roughly every three years, the full moon of October (or the Full Hunter’s Moon) rises closer to this date, which then makes it the actual Harvest Moon, and it promises to light Texas up with a beauty that is close to being unmatched!

October 5 Promises a Harvest Moon: Farmers & Photographers Delight

Photo: Facebook/StarTalk

According to Country Living Magazine, “…this year’s Harvest Moon will be 100 percent full at 2:40 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on October 5, and will seem full for a few days. You can see it rise at 6:51 p.m. EDT that evening and set at 7:40 a.m. EDT the following morning.” The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that over the course of several evenings, this moonrise will come shortly following sunset, resulting in a plethora of bright moonlight early on, which would have traditionally assisted farmers and their harvest crews with their summer-grown crops. Subsequently, it was dubbed the “Harvest Moon!”

October 5 Promises a Harvest Moon: Farmers & Photographers Delight

Photo: Facebook/All Hallow’s Eve

The 2016 Harvest Moon was also considered a Supermoon due to its close proximity to Earth. Even so, resulting from their closeness to the horizon, Harvest Moons still appear to be brighter, with an orangish-yellow, and possibly red hue, which has since become known as the “Harvest Moon Effect”. Whether you have full fields or a small garden to harvest, or perhaps you simply want a great photo opportunity, you’ll get the extra light required for both at the start of October.