Watch as a Big Octopus Squeezes Through a Tiny Hole on a Boat

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“He can go through anything his beak can fit through. Watch, he’s going to go right through there,” a man says as a huge red octopus stuck on a boat starts to make its escape. Spotting a hole in the side of the boat, the creature pulls itself toward it with its lengthy tentacles. Other than the man who spoke at the beginning of the video, people on the boat are absolutely shocked by what they’re witnessing. How can that large creature cram itself through such a tiny space? Watch in awe along with them in the video below.

The video has since been picked up by viral outlets like The Dodo, but it appears to have been originally uploaded to YouTube by Zena Cardman who credits the film to Chance Miller. She also writes that it was filmed close to the Chiswell Islands in Alaska.

If one video of an octopus escape sparks your interest to learn more about how these creatures, check out this video. Animalogic explains that the only part of their body that’s hard and solid is its beak, so most octopuses can fit through spaces around an inch in diameter! As for the color change you see in the boat video, Animalogic compares their skin to a balloon filled with dye. When the skin is stretched out, you’ll see the inner color more than if it’s more deflated.