Officer Drives Man 100 Miles to His Family Instead of Jail

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Though it may not be instantly recognizable, people are often trying to persevere through worry and heartbreak. Being mindful of this, an Ohio police officer was able to help a man he pulled over who was going through something very rough.

Mark Ross was pulled over for speeding by Sgt. David Robison. Ross knew that once Robison looked up his name he would see that he had a warrant out and would be taken to jail. Overwhelmed with the situation, Ross began crying and explained to the officer that he was speeding to get to Detroit where his little sister had been killed in a car accident. He wanted to get there as soon as possible to console his mother.

Robison responded by going above and beyond. He prayed with Ross for his family and proceeded to drive him 100 miles to Detroit. “He gave me hope,” Ross wrote in a Facebook post detailing the situation.

Along with his story, Ross posted a photo he took with the police officer who treated him with such kindness. The tears in his eyes are evident, and the arm around Robison shows how important it is that people come together to support one another.