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Fort Worth Officer Matt Pearce is Making an Incredible Recovery

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In March, Officer Matt Pearce was shot five times during a police pursuit. One bullet “grazed” his heart, and another shattered his femur. Doctors did not even expect him to live. Now, the Fort Worth police veteran is pushing himself every day to recover.

“My goal is to be back to work from one year from date of injury. March 15 of next year, I’m hoping to be back in a uniform and on the streets,” Officer Pearce told WFAA.

Pearce can now get into stretching positions like a downward dog yoga pose (though he’s adamant that he’s not getting into yoga), walk without assistance and maintain stamina to keep moving. This is an impressively long way for someone to come in six months who was in excruciating pain after being shot multiple times.

Occupational therapist Amanda Simmons started Pearce on intense physical and occupational therapy following his injuries. They began strength training to get Pearce back in shape to taking care of simple activities like typing his shoes. It’s astounding how far he’s come. Simmons told WFAA, “There’s no medical reason this man should be alive. And now he’s walking and driving and eventually going to go back to work.”