Texas Officers are Posing in Bluebonnets in Viral Online Challenge

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Spring is in the air, and so is the excitement that the bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas, is blooming all around us! However, a new sensation is taking effect throughout the Lone Star State—a viral sensation. Texas police departments have launched the #BackTheBLUEbonnets hashtag as their own part in the online bluebonnet challenge that invites everyone to take a picture with this gorgeous wildflower and post it to social media.

Similar to many of the portrait poses we tend to see this time of year, police officers are sharing humorous photos posing amongst the bluebonnets. Even the K-9 units are among the pictures! The cops have been seen in meditation, striking a serious pose, or just enjoying the naturally beautiful Texas scenery. “Felt cute might arrest someone later idk,” the Mineral Wells Police Department captioned their Facebook post.

Texas Officers are Posing in Bluebonnets in Viral Challenge Online

Photo: Twitter/GrapevinePolice

Police departments from various regions in Texas have been sharing the images and hashtag on social media. Some have been paired with PSAs and others are just for fun. The #BackTheBlueBonnets challenge draws attention to safety issues that the departments wish to advise on while taking advantage of a truly Texan experience. “Showing that humor is a great way to connect with the community especially on social media,” Jory Jimenez, a Mineral Wells officer, explained in an article on “It’s important to us to have that dichotomy between humor and information. Establishing that relationship with the citizens is helpful when the tables are turned and we need their help with receiving information on investigations or sending out widespread information.”

Texas Officers are Posing in Bluebonnets in Viral Challenge Online

Photo: Twitter/SouthlakeDPS

Each post continues to grow in comments, likes, and shares. “Anytime we can show our community our humorous side we jump on the opportunity,”  explained Tara Taylor, an Irving police officer, to “Our officers like to have fun just like everyone and we like to think posts like these help interactions in the field between officers and citizens. We take these opportunities to humanize the badge.”