Officials Warn of a Police Impersonator in Little Elm

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On Sunday night, a man pulled a woman over in Little Elm, Texas. She stopped her car on the side of the road because she noticed the single revolving red light on top of his car and heard a voice over a loudspeaker, but she felt suspicious of the man’s regular vehicle (a Chevy Suburban) and normal street clothes. She had a feeling she was being pulled over someone impersonating an officer.

WBAP says that the man was around 5’7″, thin and looked to be in his early 20s. Perhaps the most suspicious detail of the incident was his fake mustache, which the victim notes was barely hanging on by some tape. After she asked him for some identification, he got back in his car and drove away.

The ordeal was very bizarre, and even though the woman wasn’t hurt in any way, police in Little Elm are trying to get the bottom of it. “It is a state felony to impersonate a peace officer, and we take these instances very seriously. Doing so is not a joke. Anyone playing a prank of this nature is subject to arrest and prosecution,” Police Chief Rodney Harrison told CBS DFW.

If you think you’re being pulled over by a police impersonator, call 911 immediately.