New OK Go Music Video Shot in Less Than 15 Seconds

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American rock band OK Go formed in the late 90s, but they really put themselves on the map in 2009 when their music video for “Here It Goes Again” went viral. In the highly entertaining video, the four band members perform a choreographed “dance” on eight treadmill machines. It was modestly shot with a simple silver backdrop, but their energetic, and rather brave, commitment to the one-shot format paid off.

From then on, OK Go was expected to push the limits of what’s expected in a rock band’s music video. Now, in 2016, they’ve propelled themselves much further than anyone could have expected after the treadmill video!

Earlier this year, they filmed a technically complicated video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” in zero gravity! And last week, they debuted another logistically intense video for “The One Moment.”

According to Mashable, “The first part of the video…takes place in just 4.2 seconds. Kulash sings for seven seconds in real time, and then it’s back to slow motion for the grand finale, which actually happened in three seconds.”

For a video that was filmed in roughly 14 seconds, it’s incredibly intricate and entertaining!