Oldest Continuously Operating Bakery in Texas: A Recipe for Success

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Naegelin’s Bakery in New Braunfels, located in the Texas Hill Country, was established in 1868. Its founder Edouard Naegelin Sr. established the business to sell fresh baked goods including bread, strudel, cookies, and so much more. Since then, it has changed hands but has never changed its winning recipe for success, making it the oldest continuously operating bakery in Texas.

Keeping the recipes exactly the same, the Granzin family, which purchased the business in the 1980s, have maintained the 150-year-old bakery as the thriving entity it has always been – baking up nostalgia in the process. It’s reported that the best time to get to the bakery is early in the morning since it has a penchant for getting busy. And who could resist a hot, fresh piece of bread with melted butter first thing in the morning?! Or how about a warm, delicious pastry with your coffee?

Oldest Continuously Operating Bakery in Texas Has a Great Recipe for Success

Photo: Facebook/Naegelin’s Bakery

A truly unique Hill Country experience, Naegelin’s Bakery features the kind of fresh-made goods you would expect from this local landmark. A wonderful apple strudel, chocolate fudge, tarts, and, of course, kolaches, are just some of the great selections that await customers in the glass cases lining the counter. The quality and the portions that are sold keep customers coming back, along with the continued great service – a hallmark of strong Texas businesses. How many do you know that have lasted a century-and-a-half? From the humble beginnings of Edouard Naegelin Sr. delivering fresh-baked bread around town in a horse-drawn carriage to today’s long-lived establishment that brings back fond memories like a warm blanket on a winter morning, Naegelin’s Bakery is still serving customers exactly what they like. That’s their recipe for success.