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The Oldest Playground in San Marcos Will Be Torn Down

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On Yelp, visitors to Children’s Park in San Marcos have called the playground “beyond awesome” and “wonderful” for its charming wooden features. In fact, it’s one of the last wooden parks in Central Texas. Unfortunately, this completely old park has reached the end of its story, and it will be replaced by a new playscape.

Resident Tiffany Nealy will be sad to see the castle-like Children’s Park go. “What I love about it is the playground is wood. It’s blazing hot and trying to get them out before it gets too hot or either when the sun goes down, this is stuff that they won’t necessarily burn themselves on,” she told KXAN.

KXAN says that the 25-year-old park is “the oldest standing playground in San Marcos,” but it’s showing major signs of wear and tear. Screws and nails are sticking out of the wood, which Nealy admits makes it “a tetanus nightmare,” and she keeps a first aid kit on hand in her car just in case.

City officials say they’ve discussed with the community what they would like to see in place of the wooden wonderland, and $1 million will go into making the new Children’s Park much more accessible and safe.