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San Antonio’s Beloved Olmos Pharmacy Could Stay Open After Outcry Over Closing Plans

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Even though San Antonio is growing and welcoming new businesses, the city doesn’t want to lose the charming places it’s curated over time. The Olmos Pharmacy at E. Hildebrand and McCullough street has been open for 79 years, serving the Olmos Park neighborhood and Trinity University students for decades, but now the business is marked “Closed.”

This adorable pharmacy, which served delicious milkshakes and burgers in a classic neighborhood shake shop atmosphere, hosted many open mics and shows highlighting local musicians. Sadly, they announced their immediate closing on September 9 of this year on Facebook. MySA.com says the announcement came as a surprise, and there was no direct reason given. Quickly, people started posting their heartbreak over the decision.

Then, on September 11, the owner of the Olmos Pharmacy, Rod Campbell, posted a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. “Since I announced the closing, I’ve been contacted by a number of parties interested in helping the ORx continue by financing, partnering, or purchasing. I’m going to evaluate the offers before making a final liquidation. If anyone is interested in discussing things, send a private message, or email me – [email protected] and we can make contact,” he wrote on Facebook. Now only time will tell if the support will be enough to save the diner’s future.