Once in a Lifetime ‘Bluebonnet Horse’

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Every now and again we come across a diamond in the rough. In this case, a low lake level means a beautiful, almost picturesque painting-like photo of a horse in this expansive field of bluebonnets at Muleshoe Bend in Spicewood, Texas. When you get the chance, take it and that is what this picture embraces.

1. ‘Texas Horse Enjoys Bluebonnets’

bluebonnet horse

Photo: Susan Eichhorn/

We all know how crazy our Texas weather can be. Droughts, rain, ice, and snow. You just never know what the weather will be like in Texas, and that’s what makes it so special. This one-of-a-kind beauty was taken in 2015 at Muleshoe Bend by Susan Eichhorn when Lake Travis was in bad shape. However, the lake being this low created something breathtaking and rare.


An ocean of rolling bluebonnet fields where a horse grazes its beauty in Spring 2015 is now mostly underwater in Spring 2016. However, there are still bluebonnets that can be seen creeping the shorelines at Muleshoe Bend this year. That’s Texas, giving beauty to the land through droughts and flooding rains making our beautiful Lake Travis full again.



The Eichhorn family from New England got a glimpse of our little piece of heaven that we call the Texas Hill Country. On a day made for wildflower sighting, the Eichhorn family set out to this place that they had heard of its beauty for taking pictures. The Eichhorns lived in New England only moving to Texas in 2012, so they went exploring and found their “Once in a Lifetime Photo” in which they named “Texas Horse Enjoys Bluebonnets”.